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Most Useful Father's Day Gift Ever

May 30, 2017

Most Useful Father's Day Gift Ever

This Father’s Day, Create the Perfect Gift Dad Will Actually Use (A Lot).
Dad, Father, Pops, Padre, Sir. Whatever you call him, he’s most likely one of the coolest guys you know. For this Father’s day gift, make sure you get him something that let’s everyone know that. So, the question is, what do they say about Dad?

They should probably say he’s the “#1 Dad.” They might even say he’s a “Super Dad” or that he’s the “Grill Master.” Every dad is different, and that is where we can help. Head into our customizer, where you can design your own slides, however dad would like them. You can put your face on them or even your dog cause chances are he might like him/her more.
Why slides though? If he’s like my Dad he wouldn’t be in anything but his slides doing everything typical dads do:
  1. Hitting the golf course
  2. Crushing some yard work
  3. Manning the grill
  4. Kicking his feet up on the coffee table and watching Sunday night football
  5. Taking out the trash
  6. Going to the gym
  7. Running to the store to buy his favorite snack
You can’t deny that these will be his go-to footwear, so what are you waiting for?
Each pair can be customized with whatever type of design you'd like. I could be a nickname, NBA team logo, picture, or anything. 

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