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Intern Blog: What I Put On My Slides And Why?

July 18, 2018

Intern Blog: What I Put On My Slides And Why?

Holding the reputation of the only premium customizable slides in the industry, ISlide has managed to satisfy tens of thousands of consumers in just 5 years. By allowing individuals to either personalize an existing design, or customizing their own pair from scratch, each slide acts as an“extension of self-expression.” And for my first pair of slides, I had decided to personalize an existing pair from a few months back.

If anyone knows me, they would know that I absolutely love my school. Just 20 miles north of Boston stands Endicott College, a suburban institution located on the water. And when your school owns 3 beaches, what better way to show your school spirit than with a custom pair of slides?!

The original design had been based on last year’s basketball jerseys, which is a solid green color with the college’s name written in their signature blue font. In order to recreate this look, the design team had added a polyester micro mesh background, as well as two white strokes in each outer corner of the strap.

Moving onto the smaller details, I had decided to keep the small graphic of the Gull, Endicott’s mascot, on the side of the slide, as it is considered a must-have when representing Endicott’s campus, or “The Nest.” To make them slightly more personal, I decided to include my initials on the opposite slide.

This blog was written by Christina Jaskot, Content intern in the marketing department.

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