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Intern Blog: 10 Things You Should Know About ISlide

July 12, 2018

Intern Blog: 10 Things You Should Know About ISlide

  1. Work Hard, Play hard. Here at ISlide our employees and interns are dedicated to building our brand through hard work, but we also like (and know how) to have fun while doing so! With that, our office is complete with a basketball court, a lounge area (which we call the “Mez”) that has a flat screen TV, a ping pong table, and cornhole tables. And of course, there’s never a day in the office without music!
  2. Monday Stretches. Every Monday we gather on the court and stretch as a team to get ready for the week. Once everybody is loose, each department gives a recap on the previous week’s performance.
  3. Dress Code. Our relaxed dress code includes  Workout Wednesdays, (complete with on-the-hour workouts of course),Throwback Jersey Thursday, and Comfy Fridays. And yes, our employees do wear their customized slides every day!
  4. Shark Tank. You may recognize our unique slides from the hit TV show, Shark Tank. In 2016, our CEO, JK, presented his brand to the sharks and was given an offer! Despite turning it down, he was able to grow ISlide into the company we love today!
  5. Mantra. Every new employee must recite the ISlide mantra in front of the team upon their first week here. Tune into Instagram this Friday for the live show!
  6. Music Video Remix! All new employees and interns must create remixes to songs, incorporating ISlide on their first day of work! My group remixed Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” by changing the lyrics to “I want slides my way”. Some other iconic remixes have been “I Believe I CanSlide” and “Suga, Suga, where’d you getthose slides?”
  7. Our office is dog friendly. Don’t be surprised if you run into a furry friend while visiting. Many employees bring their dogs to work!
  8. Licenses. As some of you may know, Licenses have become a large part of our business. With the NBA and Nickelodeon Licenses along with the new addition of Uncle Drew, we have been able to grow our company and put slides on more and more people and celebrities. My personal favorite is the NBA because I’m able to represent my Cavs through an official design or custom design my own.
  9. Everyone is Hands On!Every month our MASSIVE shipment of blank slides is delivered to headquarters. Our employees spend as much time needed during shipments to make sure the delivery goes as smoothly as possible! Creating an assembly line from the shipping dock to the stacks, we efficiently organize thousands of slides that’ll end up on your feet! A great team building experience and workout! (And shoutout to Henry Ford!)
  10. Stand in What You Stand for.Here at ISlide, we always encourage people to represent themselves and their values. I love how our customizable product gives people the chance to freely express themselves. At ISlide, it’s all about giving you the tools to represent yourself and your values.

My name is Nisha Momin, and I am an operations intern at ISlide. After working here for just a few weeks now, slides have become a staple in my wardrobe, whether in the office or at home. I recently went to the beach in Maine and brought my Cleveland slides along! They were the perfect addition to my beach look—easy to wear while representing my team!

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