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Intern Blog: The Perfect 'Fit

July 09, 2018

Intern Blog: The Perfect 'Fit

First, I would like to fully disclose that I am a fashion lover and footwear collector. Believe it or not, slides are becoming a thing of the present. It’s all about comfort and style. Just look at all the high end brands, such as Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and others, adding them to their collections. Being a design intern at ISlide, I get to see so many cool ideas and creations that our customers come up with. Personally, in order to find the perfect “fit”, I like to make sure my outfit looks great with my slides. Finding the perfect “fit” is more than just an outfit it is about finding what you love to wear. The slides I designed is what I love and describes me in a small aspect.

What makes ISlide so special is that I wouldn’t be able to pull off my outfits, especially my perfect “fit”, with any other generic slide. ISlide gives myself along with everyone else the freedom and ability to create something that means a lot. I love being able to make my entire outfit unique with my custom pair of slides. At ISlide you get to create what makes the perfect “fit” for you whether you’re a Lakers fan, showing love to your college, or starting your own brand and wanting to see it flourish on your feet. ISlides not only add swag to your outfit, they show who you are as a person.

This blog was written by Julian Smith-Sparks

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