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Intern Blog: Why ISlides Should Be Your Go-To Footwear

July 03, 2018

Intern Blog: Why ISlides Should Be Your Go-To Footwear

Before this summer, I hated wearing slides. I had tried wearing a variety of styles, brands, and designs but each left me equally disappointed with fit and quality. However, my pair of ISlides completely restored my faith in this type of footwear, and I have loved sporting them all spring.

ISlide’s unique footbed played a large role in my initial liking of the shoe. As intriguing as it is to look at and touch with you hands, it is comfortable and supportive. The underside of the strap also contributes to the comfortableness, as it is covered in a thick pad and sprayed with antimicrobial spray to keep the stink away (key for that summer feet heat). However, the aspect of the slide that really got me hooked was the adjustable strap. This is the biggest perk for me, as I previously disliked slides because they never seemed to stay on my feet. However, my ISlides stay on perfectly all day and I NEVER have to re-adjust them (unless I want to rock some socks with them)!

In addition to the comfort factor, ISlides can really be the pop your outfit may need! For example, many of us frequently opt for black and neutral clothing colors for practical reasons; consequently, this often leads to our outfits looking bland and boring. ISlides can offer a simple fix to this problem, with ten colors to choose from and an unlimited amount of design ideas, your outfit will be anything but bland. Personally, I love pairing my tiffany blue slides with a groutfit to spice up my lazy look and make it feel fun.

Lastly, and most importantly, ISlides is the only slide in the game that you can completely customize. This feature allows you to express yourself in any way—color and design— or as we like to say, “stand in what you stand for.” Even if you’re not the creative type, you can browse through our hundreds of options until you find a pair that reflects YOU. This could be sporting a pair featuring your favorite NBA team or player, some 90’s inspired cartoons that capture your childhood, or a pattern that represents your personality. Fortunately, the options are endless!

This blog post was written by Amy Hunter, a sales intern at ISlide this summer. She is visiting the Dominican Republic this week and is excited to show off her slides there, so be sure to check in for some awesome pictures!

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