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Intern Blog: 8 Ways ISlides Make Your Life Better

June 28, 2018

All you ISlide owners out there have probably experienced these perks and for anyone who doesn't own a pair, here are 8 ways your life will be enhanced with your own pair of ISlides.

  1. ISlides make you unique. Nobody has designs like us AND you can customize your own pair. In fact, we recommend that you customize your own (that’s the main reason our company is so cool). Either way, ISlides allow you to be the unique person you are and Stand In What You Stand For.
  1. You receive instant comfort. Our signature massaging footbed will have you never wearing shoes again. Just kidding, obviously you will still have to wear shoes sometimes, but ISlides will become your goto footwear.
  1. Slides are IN and ISlides are the most stylish slides in the game. You’re gonna be turning even more heads than you already are when you strut into a room.
  1. You get to choose whether you wear socks or not. If you wear shoes, socks are a must, but if you’re not feelling socks some days, no worries you can rock your slides with or without socks.
  1. ISlides go with any outfit. Pants and slides, shorts and slides, socks, no socks, even suits and slides... anything you can think of will be positively complimented by a pair of ISlides.
  1. ISlides are the best conversation starter. The uniqueness of every pair will have your family, friends, and new people you meet, asking how you got such cool slides or maybe why you created the pair you did!
  1. They save time. You won’t have to put on socks, shoes, or tie laces, and you won’t have to choose which pair of shoes go well with my outfit. Slipping on my slides saves me time whenever I would normally put on shoes and I also get an extra five minutes of sleep each night and those five minutes feel like five hours when I wake up in the morning.
  1. You will be a more relaxed person. Whether you have the luxury of wearing slides at work or not, everyone has the ability to wear them after work and all throughout the weekend. If you throw on slides during these times, you will see results in your relaxation.

My name is Thomas Gresser, and I am a marketing intern at ISlide. I have been here for five weeks now and have had the privilege of wearing slides to work every day. Throughout my short career at ISlide, I have quickly seen why slides are constantly worn. Besides the fact that we make them and we are proud of them, all of the reasons above and many more prove why ISlides make our lives better.

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