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One Year, 20 5k's: A CEO on a Mission.

June 28, 2018

One Year, 20 5k's: A CEO on a Mission.

Last year I set a goal of finishing 20 5k's. I did it for 2 reasons:

#1 It was to get back in shape. I have found my workout motivation sucks unless I have a goal. This was a great goal and even though 20 5k’s was going to cost extra money, it was a great way to get me to do it. I then started to get competitive with my times and strive to get better and better every race. I think working out is one of the best things you can do to keep your mind right and ready to have a great day at work. I love working out in the morning and usually feel great afterwards. It almost forces me to eat better as well.

#2 It was a bet with my good friend Jaron Brown. If I won, he would have to run 40 5k's this year. I completed my goal last year, winning the bet as a result. It has been great to see him spend quality time with his lovely wife running this year, so really, I helped him. I love bets like this unless it has to do with eating. I love to eat and I love Carbs. That will never end.

PS - Funny story, one night last summer I made a great bet with my buddy Todd Elwell to see  who could win a 5k between the two of us. This was one of those times where we both were over-served at dinner and the thought of running a 5k early in the morning had me thinking this was not going to happen, but it was a bet. The loser had to buy a Chipwich for the winner for the next YEAR when ever the winner wanted it. So the morning comes and I am NOT getting up. I wanted nothing to do with it. The race was at 7:30 AM and Todd called me at 7:10 AM asking where I was. The race was 15 minutes from my house and there was NO WAY I was making it. My dad came in and asked me what that call was about. I told him and then he said, "well, of course you are going to lose if you don't go." I somehow found a way to get dressed and then drove too fast to get to the race with 30 seconds to spare. Todd was really out of shape and I kicked his ass, which was great......if only he didn't call me he could have walked the race and beat me.......Thanks Todd, I would love a Chipwich next Thursday please.....

PPS - It sounds like I have a betting problem. I promise you that I do not.


Stand In What You Stand For - JK

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