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ISlide Speaker Series: Carrie Campbell

June 27, 2018

ISlide Speaker Series: Carrie Campbell

Today the ISlide team welcomed Carrie Campbell to the lab. She generously took time out of her day to come talk to our team as part of the ISlide Speaker Series, our internal professional development campaign. Carrie Campbell has worked for the Boston Red Sox for the past 8 years and is currently in her 5th year as Vice President of Fenway Park Events. Carrie is responsible for renting the ballpark whenever the Red Sox are not playing at home. Her job involves producing and executing the annual expense and revenue budget, business plan, and managing key sales resources for business growth.

As someone who has built a successful career for themselves in world of event management and hospitality, we were thrilled to hear what kind of stories and advice she had for our young office. Interestingly enough, Carrie’s story telling began with how she never intended on working in sports. The majority of her professional career was spent in the hospitality industry until she was approached by Red Sox asking if she would help build their business of non-baseball events at Fenway. She didn’t exactly jump at the opportunity because she loved her job at the Boston Harbor Hotel, however, after multiple meetings and interviews with the Red Sox, Carrie became excited and ready for the challenge.

Throughout Carrie’s career with the Red Sox, she has learned to step out of her comfort zone and be a leader. Below are some words of wisdom Carrie shared with us.

“Say yes as much as you can. When you say no, say it in a yes way”

“Hire people who are smarter than you”

“There’s no such thing as work life balance, there’s just balance”

“Find your voice to speak up about resources you need”


This blog was written by Thomas Gresser

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