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ISlide Heroes: Ron Burton Training Village

July 27, 2018

ISlide Heroes: Ron Burton Training Village

As our ISlide Heroes initiative continues to grow, we continue to find more and more amazing people who impact the lives of others on a daily basis. One of our heroes for the month of June was the Ron Burton Training Village (RBTV). So, on Monday, July 23rd, the whole ISlide team headed to mountains of Hubbardston, MA to spend a day with the dedicated and passionate youth of the Ron Burton Training Village….and of course we didn’t come empty handed as each camper received a custom pair of slides along with a speech and Q and A with the ISlide Janitor, Justin Kittredge himself.

Over the past 33 years, RBTV has served more than 9000 young men and women in their spiritual, physical and educational growth. Twelve months a year, over a six-year period, campers are guided, supported and mentored in some of life’s most essential areas including education, social skills, morals, values, leadership, and fitness. The most intense part of this mentorship occurs during the summer when the campers attend their five-week training camp in Hubbardston, Massachusetts. Though the youngsters come from very diverse backgrounds, the majority of the youth who attend the training village are kids from economically disadvantaged and often troubled and at-risk situations.

The Ron Burton Training Village has created a curriculum that directs the focus on physical adeptness and academic excellence.

There are four core values of the camp: Love, Peace, Patience and Humility. The camp’s philosophy is to inspire the consideration of others before yourself and motivate an understanding that faith and morals need to be the foundation of the mentality through which they approach life.

The mission of the Ron Burton Training Village is to enrich the lives of challenged youth in the areas of dynamic character and leadership development, physical fitness, social and educational advancement, and spiritual growth.

Our vision is to be an organization that supports the development of the entire human being.

For more information on the Ron Burton Training Village and how you can help in their mission. Please visit https://www.ronburtontrainingvillage.org//

To nominate a Hero that you know, fill out the application at http://bit.ly/ISlideHeroes

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