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Why Shark Week Is The Best Week

July 30, 2018

Why Shark Week Is The Best Week

Shark Week is the beloved time of year when the Discovery Channel goes insane and plays non-stop shark related episodes for a week straight. From survivor stories to behavioral studies to marine biology research expeditions, Discovery Channel captures it all. Now we all know that the main purpose of the week is to educate the public about sharks, their current state, and prove that these intimidating animals aren’t the scary and vicious monsters that movies make them out to be. Sharks have developed the reputation of killers because of movies like “Jaws,” “Deep Blue Sea,” and “The Shallows,” however, worldwide, there is an average of only 83 shark attacks per year and just 6 of them result in a fatality. Meanwhile, roughly 100 million sharks are killed by humans each year. That doesn’t mean I’m going to go jump right into shark infested water, but we shouldn’t be killing sharks out of fear, because the odds are in your favor!

I don’t know about you, but when I see an 18 foot, 2,000 pound shark next to an average sized human, my mind is blown! It’s important that we learn that these animals aren’t all bite. Throughout Shark Week, we get to see sharks up close and personal in their natural habitat. They pretty much mind their own business even when surrounded by people and cameras

To make the best week of the year even better, Shark Week is filled with tons of celebrities! This year Aaron Rodgers, Rob Gronkowski, Lindsey Vonn, Shaq, Guy Fieri, Bear Grylls, and Ronda Rousey all made special appearances. If you think it’s fun to watch Gronk on the field, then you have no idea what’s in store for you watching him on Shark Week…plus he wore ISlides!

Okay... I’ll admit there are a few weeks throughout the year that rival Shark Week. My favorites are the first week of march madness, Thanksgiving, andHanukkah, however Shark Week puts them all to shame. As a self proclaimed Shark Week expert, let me tell you that anyone who ever tells you that any given week is better than Shark Week is wrong. There’s simply nothing like it. Shark Week is not only informational but it’s also extremely interesting and exciting! If you have never watched before, then you’re missing out and should go back and watch everything because it’s worth it.

This blog was written by social media intern, Rachel Goose.

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