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Intern Blog: ISlide Odd Jobs

August 02, 2018

Intern Blog: ISlide Odd Jobs

This summer at The Lab, ISlide reached its fifth year as a company, a mark that not many startups reach...especially the ones in the footwear industry. As an intern, through working here and being a part of the team, I’ve come to the realization that ISlide can change the game, and has already begun to do so. Name a top athlete or celebrity, there’s a good chance they have worn our slides. From Antonio Brown to Russell Westbrook to DJ Khaled and even some of the top ESport gamers, we’ve become a commonly seen item. With this added exposure, comes an increase in business. And an increase in business means an increase in the collective help needed to get these awesome slides to people across the world. As I mentioned, I’m an intern, more specifically a sales intern, and I can say from experience that interns do a wide variety of odd jobs around the lab that add much needed efficiency to the production process. We’ve been creating slides for over 5 years now and because of our quality check process, not every one of them goes out the door on the first try… especially when customers give us a challenge through creative, detailed artwork or logos. As an intern, it was partly my job to box up all of our extra slides to be donated.

Another odd job that an employee (or intern) may be tasked with is breaking down and rebuilding backdrops that are used at events. When members of the sales staff go to a trade show, tournament, camp, or event, they carry a bunch of materials to show off. Interns help with making sure our reps have the resources necessary to present our product to the world.

Some other odd jobs include going on food runs for the office, taking out the trash, or inflating the basketballs on our court to make sure we can have the most fun possible. The best part about the odd jobs we do at ISlide is that everyone pitches in to help, not just the interns. All of these jobs are necessary for the day to day operation of our small business and we all take pride in doing our job to make sure the company is headed towards success.

This blog was written by sales intern, Zachary Fingliss.

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