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Intern Blog: Shipment Day - The Epitome of ISlide

August 09, 2018

Intern Blog: Shipment Day - The Epitome of ISlide

Once a month, employees arrive to the ISlide office in the midst of organized chaos. Half the team heads to the loading dock, while the other half waits at the top of the elevator for the first of several trips that include hundreds of boxes of slides shipped from our warehouse in Vietnam. A chain link of team members pass boxes onto the elevator, only for the 3rd floor team to unload them into piles, then onto our “pallets”, which are essentially giant skateboards. We wheel hundreds of boxes down our hallway, into the Cage, and stack them by size and color. The team coordinates manpower and strategy to get this process done in an efficient manner, working together in the best way we know how: as a team.

This may seem like simple, day to day ISlide activities, but shipment day really serves as a reminder of what the values of our company are and how we can act on them. The ideal ISlide employee is a team player, a hard worker and above all passionate about what we’re trying to accomplish. Communication is critical on shipment day, as we not only need to be working as fast as possible, but listening to directions, making smart, quick decisions and taking the lead when necessary. On shipment day, it’s about going the extra mile for your teammates, whether it be taking a heavy box from your struggling co-worker or offering to run down to the loading dock to finish up unloading.


These qualities are not too far from what we try to emulate on a daily basis in the ISlide office. Accountability, communication, teamwork and passion are the key factors of business running as it should around here. In the day to day, our departments work together as smaller teams, getting their work done in their own separate ways. On shipment day, when every single employee is pulling their weight to accomplish a common goal, I am reminded of what we can do as a company just by working together cohesively.

This blog was written by customer service intern, MaryKate Murphy.

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