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Our Favorite Athletes in ISlides

May 17, 2018

Our Favorite Athletes in ISlides

Famous athletes are just like us; they love rocking their ISlides everywhere they go. Some athletes though, have made their ISlides an essential part of their outfit. Showing their fresh slides off better than others like no one else can, here are a few of our favorite athlete’s rocking slides.

Deion Sanders:

Nobody does it better than Deion. The NFL Hall-of-Famer was out at… the doctor’s office?? Flexing with the Louis Vuitton bag and his red “Prime Time” ISlides, Deion must’ve been heading to the doctors with a 155-degree temp because of all that heat.

Connor McGregor:

Connor McGregor must’ve got the nickname “Notorious” because of how wonderfully he pulls off the groutfit look in his ISlides. I mean, just look at the man. Has there ever been anyone who’s looked like as much as a boss as McGregor while being just as equally comfortable? The answer is no.

Russell Westbrook:

Look everyone! It’s a walking triple-double! What’s he walking in though? Oh, that’s right… ISlides! Russell Westbrook is known for his incredible fashion off the court, so it’s no surprise he’s always rocking his own OKC Thunder ISlides.

Sidney Crosby:

Sidney Crosby knows a thing or two about winning. The 3-time and back-to-back Stanley Cup Champion clearly knows a lot about comfort too. Here’s Crosby rocking his Penguins ISlides to bring the Stanley Cup back to the locker-room to celebrate his win over the Nashville Predators. Maybe we’ll get an updated photo if Crosby and the Penguins manage to bring home their third Stanley Cup in a row.

Chad Ochocino:

Current King of FIFA and former 6-time Pro Bowl wide receiver is definitely about the lounge life in his retirement. It’s no surprise then that Ochocinco is rocking ISlides while he’s destroying Twitter challengers at FIFA or running over to McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Dylan Botelho contributed to this blog entry

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