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ISlide Speaker Series: Peter Roby

May 15, 2018 1 Comment

ISlide Speaker Series: Peter Roby

Today Peter Roby stopped by the lab to talk to the ISlide Team as a part of our internal professional development campaign, the ISlide Speaker Series. Peter Roby is currently in his 10th year as Northeastern University’s Athletic Director where he is set to retire following the 2017-2018 season. Roby has also led the “Society in Sport” program, a Northeastern University initiative to bring about "positive social change through research, education, and advocacy”,during his tenure. 

Prior to Northeastern, Roby held positions as the head coach for Harvard Basketball and Reebok’s VP of U.S. Marketing, among a few other marketing positions within Reebok. Throughout his career, Roby has received many awards and accreditations including theRichard Lapchick Sport and Social Justice Innovation Award as well as a 2007 nod as one ofthe Top 100 Most Influential Sports Educators.

Roby spoke to the ISlide team about leadership, culture, and his personal experience in sports in business. We’d love to write more about our time with Peter Roby but figured we share some of our favorite quotes from the discussion.

Here are a few….

"We all have to believe that we can lead from whatever seat we may be in."

"When you bring value, you'll always have a place."

"Personal sacrifices for the greater good of a team/company should always be acknowledged."

"You have to live your values every day."

"It's not about tolerance of difference but rather appreciation of difference.Be appreciative of what everyone can bring to the table.”

"It is easier to have accountability when there are trust and respect."

Our culture is everyone's to own. One must take responsibility for your own experience."


"Take responsibility, right to the end"

“Strive to create a winning program rather than a winning season.”

Let us know your favorite one in the comment section!

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May 15, 2018

“Strive to create a winning program rather than a winning season” may be a GOAT quote!

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