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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

May 10, 2018

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

A simple color can express a wide range of feelings. What you’re wearing on a given day (that includes your slides) or what your favorite color is, says a lot about you.

It’s also really important when it comes to running an apparel company like we do here over at ISlide. We’re not writing this blog to show you how color effects shopping habits though, we’re here to tell you what your favorite color might say about YOU.

So, here we are showing off our best horoscope-like skills but with colors instead.


You’re sensitive, reliable, and put others first. Stability is especially important to you, so you like to keep things clean and neat in order to have maximum comfort.


You’re affectionate and loyal, but very honest. You also are very aware of what others think of you and take it to heart. Green is a great favorite color, because we’ve got to save our trees!


You’re uber passionate with everything you do. You’re fierce and determined in everything you do. Your competitive nature helps you preserve over most.


You’re the perfect mix of creativity and professionalism. You’re happy, creative, and enthusiastic while also being overly analytical.


You have a super high energy and very optimistic. You’re also great at socializing and often the life of the party.


You’re extremely unique and artistic. In fact, most of your uniqueness is shown in your art… which we bet you’ll be using a lot of purple in.


You’re an open book to others with your emotions but you’re also well balanced and able to control them. 


You’re all about prestige and power. You might keep people at arm’s length and have a cold and serious exterior, due to your serious nature you might seem pretty intimidating to some people.


You are a great friend and try your absolute hardest to be reliable and dependable to them. You don’t enjoy the materialist things in life and would rather prefer a more stable and comfortable one. Not to play match maker but Green-lovers do seem like a great match.


Pink is considered a warm and loving color, therefore you are too. You’re a nurturer for everyone in life and generally optimistic about things.

Dylan Botelho contributed to this blog entry.

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