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ISlide Heroes

May 04, 2018

ISlide Heroes

ISlide Heroes is an ISlide initiative dedicated to inspiring, appreciating, and honoring the special people in our lives who create memories and moments we never forget.

As our CEO and Founder describes it,Heroes appear in so many ways and we are all surrounded by them. They may go above and beyond like no one you have ever seen, they may be going thru something that takes more strength than you thought was even possible. These are people who epitomize our mantra of Stand In What You Stand For and it’s time we celebrate them.”

Whether it’s a friend fighting an illness, a special teacher who’s gone above and beyond for a specific child, or just a mom who’s been juggling a challenging time in her life, they all deserve acknowledgment and appreciation...and that’s where we want to help.

Starting May 2018, we will be choosing a select number of people each month to send a custom pair of slides to. They’ll be gifted the custom slides designed with some of their favorite things along with a note from our team and well wishes form the individual who nominated them. We hope it serves as reminder to heroes all over the world to continue standing in what they stand for.


Nominate A Hero Here!

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