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Popsockets Review: A Marketing Perspective

January 19, 2018 2 Comments

Popsockets Review: A Marketing Perspective

Towards the end of Quarter Four 2017, ISlide ordered a set of customized Popsockets for use promotionally and internally. Pretty simply, a Popsocket is a collapsible grip and stand that can be placed on the back of mobile devices. I first heard about Popsockets from one of my best friends who had been given a Popsocket as part of a sales promotion.
As the Holidays were approaching I was talked with looking for additional promotional items for ISlide and decided that Popsockets would be a great outlet for ISlide to spread brand awareness in a unique way. From a marketing perspective, the Popsocket sticks right on the back of a mobile decive for everybody to see when the user is looking at their phone in public. Similar to that of a bottle opener or a pair of sunglasses with the ISlide logo, the Popsocket serves as advertising space. A 2015 Huffington Post article cited a study that found that young adults check their phone 85 times per day, on average. Many of these engagements with their phone occurred in short bursts of 30 seconds or less.[1] With the Popsocket, each time the phone is checked the ISlide logo will be in full display to the surrounding audience.

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In addition to the advertsing space, Popsockets have also served as a conversation piece within my friend group on multiple occassions over the past few months. I surveyed the ISlide office and other employees saw a similar pattern of discussion, as a Popsocket is something that is clearly visible when hanging out with friends. Since I applied my first Popsocket to my phone, many people have commented on it. After all, the Popsocket is clearly a unique item to place on a phone as it resembles nothing else on the phone accesories market.

In terms of the Popsocket itself, I find it fairly useful as a product. As somebody who drops their phone frequently, I find the phone pretty sturdy in my hand and the incidence of dropping my phone has certainly decreased. I also use it as a phone stand when watching videos at a table or desk. One drawback is that I find myself fidgeting more with my phone now. Whether it be just popping the Popsocket in and out or spinning my phone on my desk I can see it as a potenital outlet for distraction.

Overall, I have found the Popsocket to be a great investment for ISlide. The marketing value of the Popsocket far outwieghs the cost of the product for a company like ours. Whether the Popsocket is just a fad or a permant change in the cell phone accessory marketplace is unclear, but I believe the Popsocket is an accessory that is here to stay.



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Mary Lawson
Mary Lawson

August 23, 2019

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June 10, 2018

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