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ISlide's Big Break

June 22, 2022

ISlide's Big Break

The Infamous Episode 

In September of 2016, CEO and founder, Justin Kittredge, went on Shark Tank to pitch his custom slide company, ISlide. He enters the tank seeking $500,000 for a 5% stake in the company.  The Sharks immediately did not like this valuation, especially Daymond John.  Kittredge explains how ISlide fulfills custom slide orders as well as drop shipping for various levels of sports teams. 

Aired in the premiere episode of season 8 

A Special Surprise

All of a sudden halfway through the pitch Antonio Brown, NFL wide receiver, walked into the tank.  At this time Brown was walking off one the hottest seasons in his whole career.  However, he was late due to a delayed flight but wasted no time in the tank raving about ISlide.  Justin Kittredge and Antonio Brown continue to answer the Sharks’ questions in the pitch.  


Kittredge originally thought Mark Cuban and Daymond John would be the most interested in ISlide, due to their fashion and sports backgrounds.  To his surprise, both of them go out and cyber security giant, Robert Herjavec, offers $500,000 for 20%.  Kittredge counters $500,000 for 10% but Robert is stern with his offer and will not move.  It was then where Kittredge had an internal battle.  This was the only offer on the table and he felt like making a deal would validate all of the hard work he and his team put in to get them here in the tank.  

Robert claimed he would get ISlide all of the licenses they desired, but Kittredge realized he could do this without Robert and declined the final offer.  Kittredge called the office extremely nervous to hear everyone’s reaction to him not taking the deal.  He was relieved to hear that his team agreed with his decision 100% and was proud of him for knowing the company's worth. 

ISlide Still Thrived 

Even with no deal, the Shark tank appearance was a success for ISlide, with website traffic going from 500 people visiting the site daily to 50,000.  Now, ISlide has licenses from MLB, NHL, NCAA, NBA, NFLPA, NWSL, and countless more! 


Check out this video looking at the Shark Tank episode two years later and hear CEO's Justin Kittredge explain what really went down. 



Written by Bridget Gleason

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