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National ISlide Day

June 21, 2022

National ISlide Day

Very Happy Birthday ISlide 


Happy first day of summer…but more importantly HAPPY NATIONAL ISLIDE DAY!!! 

How fitting that the longest day of the year gets to be the lucky day we celebrate ISlide and how far we have come since 2013. 


Nine Years         

Lucky number nine is how many years ISlide has been helping people stand in what they stand for…with comfort and style! 



Here is a sneak peak at the first post of our '9 days of ISlide celebration' which is already live on our Instagram 


Head over to @islideusa to check it out and stay tuned for the next nine days to come showcasing fun pictures from the roots and start of our flourishing company! 

To celebrate National ISlide Day and our 9th birthday, we’re kicking off a 9 days of ISlide celebration by showing some BTS shots of our very first days of ISlide back in 2013!  




We have also created and set up our own ISlide signature collection

Click on the image to take a look

This collection showcases various slide colorways with our signature and wordmark, as well as some super snazzy socks to pair with them all!


Written by Christine Resca

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