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New NIL Policy Results in ISlide Collab with UConn’s Caroline Ducharme

June 08, 2022

New NIL Policy Results in ISlide Collab with UConn’s Caroline Ducharme

ISlide Ran With Opportunity

The 2021-2022 season was the first-time student-athletes could use their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) for profit. Student-athletes could now partner with brands and companies, including through social media. This was huge for ISlide because a large focus of our brand is catered to sports. We knew we wanted to reach out to some college athletes that align with our mission to “Stand In What You Stand For” and capitalize on this new NCAA rule change. 


Caroline Ducharme

We collaborated with Caroline Ducharme, an incoming sophomore on the UConn Women’s Basketball Team. Ducharme had to step up early due to many fellow Huskies being injured. Ducharme was highly successful with an average of 12.2 points per game this season.  

Ducharme’s agent, Colleen Garrity, helped the student-athlete navigate NIL deals like the one with ISlide where she launched her personal brand. At ISlide it is about more than just the athlete or person.  It is about what they stand for and why.  Our motto proudly reads “Stand In What You Stand For” which pairs eloquently with the prints Ducharme chose on her custom slides, “when it gets hard, think about why you started.” and What Is Your Why?” 



The concept sounds simple but takes time for personal reflection and consideration to remember all of the reasons why.  Ducharme shared on her Instagram, 

my “why” is my family, specifically my older sister Ashley. it’s hard to describe the impact that she’s had on me as a player and who i am as a person. there’s no one who inspires, challenges, and supports me more than she does. will always be my favorite teammate ❤️

We were so happy to work with Caroline Ducharme and learn how she stands in what she stands for with her “why”.  You can find more student-athletes that we work with on our website under the tab “ISlide U.”  


Click here to check out the Ducharme sister’s personal collection!


Written by Bridget Gleason with contributions from Christine Resca

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