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Slide Into Intern Life: Josh

August 15, 2016

Slide Into Intern Life: Josh

ISlide works like a machine, and everyone on the team can see the effect their work has on the product-ability of the company. As an intern you experience first hand the chemistry that is the driving force behind ISlide's success. My time here has brought me an experience like no other that has allowed me to be more than just a number at a large corporation. I can see the consequences of my actions and the benefits my work brings to the company. The closeness of the team here really makes coming to work a pleasure. 

As an Industrial Designer I work in R&D (Research & Development) where I create designs on a macro and micro scale for the company. As a start-up company there’s a niche in designing better and faster ways of doing the tasks we do on a daily basis. Whether it’s creating templates or making logo’s for outside brands, the Design Team gets a good taste of what it’s like to be a professional.  The amount of amazing people I get to meet just for being apart of this growing company is all the reward I need. And when it’s time for me to leave someone will come in and pick up the ball right where we left it rolling, and that person can always be you.”  

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