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Slide Into Intern Life: AJ

July 22, 2016

Slide Into Intern Life: AJ

As my internship at ISlide comes to an end, I look back in retrospect with nothing but happiness. When I first walked in the office, I had no idea what to expect, but I would never have imagined how fortunate I was to work with such an amazing group of interns and employees who trulyStand In What They Stand For.While most people perceive a typical day for an intern as making coffee runs or filing, at ISlide there is no typical day for me. Initially, I was surprised by the amount of different projects I was working on, ranging from marketing to sales; but learned to multitask and how each end is run effectively.

While I thought I wanted to be an analyst or investment banker, through this internship I am leaning towards entrepreneurship. Coming to work everyday, Justin and the Super 6 are so passionate about their work and proud of their product. While serious at times, everyone at ISlide is really easy to get along with. What I love about a start up company with not too many employees is that you get to know everyone in the office. I went from being nervous on my first day to being completely myself the next week. I would not trade anything in from my summer internship here, and will use the lessons, skills, and tools I have adapted to my next stage in life. For future employees and prospective interns I would stress that while it is fun at times, be ready to work your butt off because there is always something you can do to add value to the company. Your ideas and input will be taken seriously and if you put in the effort, you will get the most out of your summer internship/job at ISlide.

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