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Slide Into Intern Life: Ben

July 18, 2016

Slide Into Intern Life: Ben

ISlide is a unique company that truly values its intern’s opinions, and has been an extremely valuable experience for me as I look to gain real world business knowledge so I can one day start my own. Instead of just having its interns making coffee runs and doing chores, ISlide gives its interns the opportunity to directly contribute to the company’s success. Whether it is working in operations and helping the shipping team, or making and pursuing sales, I truly enjoy the freedom I have at ISlide to add value to the company wherever I see fit.

As an assistant of Justin's, I have been exposed to almost every area of the company and been able to see for myself how a business operates. One of the coolest things that I have noticed about the company is the value of such a close knit community. Everyone here is extremely nice and down to earth, and more than willing to help you out whenever you need. ISlide fosters an awesome environment where every person enjoys coming to work each day. We enjoy endless laughs and jam sessions to great music, while at the same time working tirelessly to help the company grow and succeed. I believe that the positive environment at ISlide is directly tied to the sense of the business, and this internship has made me understand the value in having fun with what you do. Don’t get me wrong - the work is not easy - but the support that you get and the fun that you have doing it makes this internship one of a kind and something that I will never forget.

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