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Spring Break, ISlide Style

February 25, 2019

Spring Break, ISlide Style

Spring Break is definitely one of the most necessary, and beneficial breaks of the year. It lets us all once again realize that there is in fact a human being behind the piles of notes, hours of lectures, and mountains of books we aren’t really going to ever read. It’s a chance to
get out and have some real fun during, what never fails to be, the hardest semester of the year. Spring Break is a break from books (unless they’re ones you want to read), a break from home-work (unless it involves physically working on an actual home), and most importantly of all a break from classes (making you get up at ungodly hours and skip every meal because you just don’t have the time).

Instead,we replace those boring things with activities we actually enjoy. Activities like hiking, sleeping in, sitting on the beach, drinking a beer on the beach, drinking a beer in the shower, really just drinking a beer wherever you happen to be (and whenever you happen to be, morning shower-beers are a great thing) and doing it all while wearing the comfiest clothing possible. For me, that’s a bathing suit, sun glasses, and a good pair of summer slides. I just can’t have my toes covered while I’m on vacation, it feels like a crime. So I Spring Break kickin it no socks in my comfy slides to get that sweet sweet foot-strap tan line to let people know, not only, that I went somewhere warmer than them, but also that I was more comfy than they were at the same time.

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Kenny Lowell

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