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ISlide Welcomes 19 New Team Members

June 06, 2018

ISlide Welcomes 19 New Team Members

On Tuesday, May 29th, the ISlide team grew the most that it ever has in a single day. Five brand new full time employees and fourteen summer interns entered the lab for their first day with ISlide. We all know that the first day of a new job can be a dismaying and daunting experience for any young professional; however, within just thirty minutes of their arrival, the rookies were together, laughing and smiling with the returning employees during our weekly Monday morning stretch. “The Monday morning stretch is definitely a unique way for the staff to come together at the start of the week. It reinforces the fact that we are all playing for the same team here” commented veteran ISlide designer, Tom Williams.
After the stretch, the vets went back to work and the rooks were assigned their first project: the ISlide song remix. Interns and new employees were placed into groups of three and told to create an ISlide-themed remix of a well-known song and then perform it in front of the entire company. “I’ll be honest” said summer intern Tommy Mobley, “I was kind of freaking out when they said we had to write and sing a song for everybody. But once we went off into our groups to write the song, we actually had a lot of fun with it.” Tommy’s group proceeded to perform “I Believe I CanSlide” — a spin-off on the R. Kelly classic featured inSpace Jam.

The rest of the day was dedicated to acclimating the rookies to their new departments. New employees embarked on their job training and interns were briefed on their short-term and long-term projects. Rachel Goose, an intern for the marketing department remarked: “From the moment I got here, everyone treated me like I was a full-time employee. They give me important work and take the time to teach me how to do new things.” Rookie or vet, full-time employee or intern, ISlide prides itself on receiving contributions from everybody. That is why they treat every member of the team with confidence, trust, and respect.

At the end of their first week, all of the rookies returned to the stage to recite the ISlide mantra in front of the entire company— a rite of passage for every member of the team. After every rookie successfully recited the mantra, they became official members of the ISlide Summer team. ISlide closed the month of May in style, welcoming a historic, 19 new team members consisting of passionate graduates and ambitious interns. With the addition of such a driven, creative, and dynamic group, ISlide hopes to make historic growth over the 2018 summer. 

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