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Who's The Favorite Shark? ISlide Answers.

September 15, 2016

Shark Tank Slide

With the anticipation of ISlide’s Shark Tank debut building, it’s no surprise that the office has been abuzz with debates over which Shark would be the best investor and why. In honor of the Shark Tank premiere tonight, we asked 6 ISlide employees which Shark is their personal favorite:

Steve: Mark Cuban: "He doesn't (usually) care about screwing someone over in a deal, he just wants a decent deal at a fair valuation for companies he really likes."


Kasey: Mark Cuban: "Cuban since he is very straight-forward and is willing to make the deals with the guests."

Lisa: Barbara Corcoran: "She grew up and started her real estate business around my hometown. Despite graduating with an education degree, she pursued her passion for real estate. She uses this same mindset with her deals, she will only invest her time and effort if she has a passion for the product/company."

JK: Robert Herjavec: "He is the only one that saw the vision #1 and he believes that mass customization on an individual scale is the future.....which it is."

 DB: Daymond John: "With him, it's all about building the brand, and everything that goes along with it. Plus, he is one of the originators of streetwear."

Tori: Robert Herjavec: "He is always very genuinely interested in the person/ brand coming in to present themselves. He never has the intention of making the entrepreneur feel lesser than the sharks or insult them in any way."

There you have it; Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec are favored throughout our office, which is rather fitting considering our team’s love for the NBA and creativity (things Cuban and Herjavec are known for). Which Shark would you like to see ISlide make a deal with? Take to Twitter to let us know: @ISlideUSA #StandInWhatYouStandFor


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