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5 Celebs Who Are All About The Slide Life

September 16, 2016 1 Comment

5 Celebs Who Are All About The Slide Life

Everyone knows celebrities are at the forefront of every style trend, and we very happy that countless celebs have been seen standing in what they stand for, with their own ISlides. From professional athletes to singers, Kardashians to daytime TV, we’ve made huge strides in the footwear world. Here are some of the celebs that have been getting creative with their custom sandals:

1. Antonio Brown - We are over the moon (way up into the galaxy, to be exact) about going on Shark Tank with Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver, Antonio Brown. Brown and our creative team have worked together to create a pair of slides inspired by his black and yellow, “Stars on Stars,” galaxy-painted Rolls-Royce. That’s some serious style.  

2. DJ Khaled - By now you’ve probably heard of DJ Khaled’s major keys to success. One major key Khaled can’t go without is his custom ISlides. DJ Khaled is such a fan of ISlide that he has gifted customized slides to many of his celeb friends, including Ellen Degeneres and Justin Bieber.  

    3. Justin Bieber - Whether you are a diehard Belieber or signed the “petition to send Bieber back to Canada,” you can’t deny Justin Bieber’s killer style. The king of swag himself has been seen rocking “Another One” slides, courtesy of his friend Khaled. 

      4. Dwyane Wade - A true tastemaker of the NBA, Dwyane Wade boasts one of the best ISlide collections in the world. D-Wade loves his ISlides so much, he got them for all his former teammates on the Miami Heat. Not only that, but got him for his kid’s AAU basketball team! D-Wade knows all about “stand in what you stand for.” 

        5. Rick Ross - Rozay, that's his nickname, and he let's everyone know it with his ISlides. We are the official footwear of fast-food trips, and you can catch Ross at one of his Wing Stops, in his Wing Stop slides. That's flexing on so many levels. Best of all, Ricky Rozay celebrated the 10th Anniversary of his debut album, "Port of Miami," with a pair of ISlides donning the album cover. The Biggest Boss indeed. 


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          July 05, 2019

          I want a pair of D Wade slides. How can I get them?

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